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Oscar Hewitt

Gus Herbert-Müller

Sara Beshiri

Jude Crook


Our Story

We created Jacco Macacco Films while studying together at London Film Academy. Finding each other to be kindred spirits in creativity and excellent collaborators, we wrote our first film and went into production within three months in the summer of 2022.

After shooting our second film at the beginning of 2023, we completed our studies and worked on completing both films to show our work to the world. 

Screening 'A Van Called Muriel' last year, and the response from audiences it received, was a wonderful way to culminate the journey of our debut film.

OUR Vision

Our films focus on quirky, moving stories featuring strong ensemble casts. We believe that a combination of surreal comedy, larger than life characters and a heartwarming message can be mixed with any genre to produce fascinating pieces of cinema.

Working across multiple mediums including short films, feature films, music videos and web-series, we write, direct, shoot and edit our work whilst always looking out for collaborators who have the same values in film as us.


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